Shiloh, Olympia, WA

I spoke with Shiloh in her small trailer home in Olympia, WA. We spent the early winter afternoon talking about growing up and the story of her father. Listen below. 

“I had just turned 18 in August. I get back home and my dad had been gone for almost 24 hours. Out on a run or a binge. My grandmother at this point couldn't even walk to the bedroom, she had to use a commode to use the bathroom. I got her taken care of, got her put to bed. Tried to relax... the mail comes. One of the letters is stacked big from Wells Fargo Bank. My dad had been stealing my grandmothers checks and had been writing them in $25 and $50 increments… he had stolen over $2000 from her. I called the bank and let them know that the checks had been stolen. The only way for her to get her money back, which would have been the only way to pay any of her bills in the house or buy food, was to call the police on my father. " - Shiloh D. (excerpt from interview, listen above for entire story)

Shiloh on her street, Olympia, WA