One month on the road, and a little about me.

      I am writing this from The Bestway Inn, a tiny motel in Paso Robles, CA. This is my first night out of the RV since I moved in on April 3rd. I left Seattle exactly one month ago today on April 21st. To say that I have been entirely stoic and relaxed through all of it, would be a total alternative fact. Truth be told, I have had trouble with leaking seams, leaking windows, figuring out how to sleep/where to sleep, heat, rain, wind, darkroom/developing film problems, engine noises, air pressure, gas tanks, steep grades up and down, overheating, loneliness, engine belts, oil levels, propane levels, brake fluid levels and of course actually remembering to have fun. Oh and a constant sense of What the hell am I doing?! I think Lucy is dealing with similar emotions and takes any opportunity to make me feel guilty for not giving her a king sized bed with silk sheets. 
      So far I have met and interviewed 26 people. I have taken 17 rolls of film. I have cried… a lot. I have run out of gas. I have dumped my tanks 2 times. I have gotten lost more times then I can remember. I have stared at my atlas, confused as to where to go. I have slid to a stop on a gravel road even though I was only going 5 mph. I have spilled gas due to my tank over flowing. I broke a glass. I keep losing things in my house, even though it is the size of most peoples walk-in closets. I watched the most incredible sunrise while listening to cows in the valley below me. I made Lucy swim. Did I mention I cried?
     I think that I took off on this trip, thinking OK, this will be hard, this will be strange, but I'm prepared! There is literally nothing that could have prepared me for this trip. Only being on the road for one month, I feel like it has been a year of mental exploration. I am learning a lot about my limits and my fears, and possibly a bit too fast. There is literally nothing I would trade this for, and it's only been a month. 
     Here is a selection of random iPhone photographs that I have taken over the month.