Jennifer, Porter, WA. 2016

Jennifer lives in Porter, WA where she works as a mosaic artist. We spoke together just after the election of Donald Trump. 

   “It gets very depressing. When people are shutting each other down because they do not have the same political views. Even people that I 90% agree with get offended if I question the news source that they sited. I am just trying to be helpful and figure out if it's real. And they think I am criticizing them... they take it personally.      
     That has been a tough thing. That dividing of the left. My friends have become divided along those lines, Bernie vs. Clinton. It seems like it is happening on Facebook and not happening in person, when you meet face to face.
     I remember even with my very good friend who was super on the Bernie band wagon... and I was like, OK. brace yourself, I am going to have to divert the conversation, cause I don't want to have to break up a fight. But the conversation didn't even come up. We were talking about other stuff. Some how Facebook, amplifies those differences. That’s my problem with Facebook. Where you want to be able to connect with people…. But it is actually creating fissures, because it is a whole different way of interacting, than when you are with someone and you can hear each other. If you have a difference you can talk about it. Respectfully. And I think, when we are on Facebook it’s really easy to react and then move on immediately. You don't have to be responsible for reactions or offense. More like ‘Send!’ Thats it!” - Jennifer K.