Matt, Olympia, WA

Matt and I talked on his front porch in Olympia, WA about school, memories, and oddly Scientology came up. 

Matt on his front porch in Olympia, WA. 

Matt on his front porch in Olympia, WA. 

     "I stepped on a hornets nest when I was 3 years old. I have little snap shots of it... like little photos. I don't have a continuous narative of that event in my mind. I was on a hill and someone was passing me a frisbee... and then I get this flash of pain, or something like that. Something that I translate into the color red. The next image is me in the back seat of a car. After that is me in the emergency room. I think that memory has gone through some transformations, that I don't know if I can track. I might have, when the experience was more immediate. When I was 5 or 6, I may have remembered it a bit differently than I do right now. But maybe at a certain age, it solidified differently. " -Matt T. 

     "This is reminding me of a book I am reading called 'Going Clear'. I think Scientology is insane and evil. One of L.Ron Hubbards initial insights into human trauma and pain is that he believes that the foundation of human pain is from traumatic experiences that have occurred when you were in the womb, or when you were very young. I don't know if there is anything to that…. I mean Freud had a similar theory to that. Where he was like, a lot of things that happen in child hood can form sedimentary layers in our psychology and will take an extraordinarily high amount of effort and time to uncover and excavate. L. Ron Hubbard was trying to establish Scientology as an alternative to psychiatry and psychological methodologies at the time. 
     He claimed he could get rid of all your child hood trouble and trauma in like 20 hours of work. Where as everyone else was like, thats impossible, you are crazy! And he was crazy. but a lot of people bought it at the time."  -Matt T. 

Matt was working selling posters around the US in the summer leading up to the 2016 election. He found himself in Lynchburg, VA selling posters at Liberty College, a very conservative college, we talked a little bit about the devisions in this country. 

     "I have read a lot of articles about how we got to this point with Donald Trump. There is just a whole new industry of writing about Donald Trump. Who is Donald Trump? What are his scandals? How did we get here? Who are the people that are supporting him? How are they suffering and how are they making us suffer? And it's non stop! You can read about Donald Trump for the rest of your life now. Literally. There are so many articles about him now. There are so many. I see dozens of them on my Facebook feed every single day. It's insane. But I think there is such a barrier to liberals and conservatives feeling compassion for one another right now. It is so polarized on both sides. It's like 'How could you be so stupid as to vote for for someone like this?' And the only thing that is different is what the 'this' is. Like how could you possibly be so stupid to vote for Hillary Clinton? How could you possibly be so stupid to vote for Donald Trump? And the only difference was for about a week I was on the other side. I was among people that were saying 'how could you be so stupid to vote for someone like Hillary Clinton?' That was interesting." - Matt T.