Laura, Portland, OR. 2016

I met with Laura Veirs at her home in Portland, OR. Being a song-writer and musician, we talked a lot about what it means to keep working, and how important it is to take the time to create. 

     "I think, at some times in my life I have taken things too seriously. That's just it. Too serious. And too worried about what other people think. I think I am in a pretty good creative place right now. Writing songs. The thing that I have done is just schedule the time... and guard it. I work from home and always have. My last house I had an outside studio in the back yard that I could go to, which was nice. 'Cause there are a million things in the house that can pull my attention. Like the dishes or the floor or the dinner or the kids. I really try to stop doing those things and get up to my work space. I have found, for me, the mornings are way better than any other time. And then, usually 4 hours is enough. After that, I am just spinning my wheels. Just the consistency of working day by day has been the trick for me, and not waiting for inspiration, and just going out there, even if I am not feeling like it and seeing what happens." 

     "For me, it's joy of discovery and mystery of artistry and craft that keep me coming back to [music]. The way that I find music intriguing is the combination of word and melody and rhythm and dissonance and harmony and playing with space and crowdedness, and all those dichotomies. Happy lyrics, with super sad melody... So all of those things, the contrasts, those are really intriguing. There are times when I just cannot uncover anything interesting. I am so sick of myself and I am so tired of this. My ideas are the same. I am not surprising myself. But then I realize! There is so much richness there, you just have to figure out how to access it." - Laura V.  

Laura on her front porch in Portland, OR. 

Laura and her two sons, Oz and Tennessee on their porch in Portland, OR. 

     "The way that women are raised, to be more of a support role, not to necessarily be the star... You don't see as many woman up on the huge stages at those huge festivals and stuff. There is a reason why. Someone probably wrote a huge feminist manifesto about it. We are raised to care what people think, which is nice, to a certain point. But too far, and you are not going to do anything. You are not going to take a risk. So just step up, just step up and take your risk. What's the worst that can happen? And I did think... Well maybe I will end up in a mental institution... Well then what? I could have a really nice vacation. Someone else will do your laundry. And someone else will deal with the business‚Ķ Maybe I should go crazy. The ultimate Mom-Cation.... Had to go to the loony bin for two years." - Laura V.