Tucker, Portland, OR. 2016

Tucker is a sound engineer and music producer living and working in Portland, OR at his recording studio Flora Recording and Playback. We met and talked about his travels and how that has informed the way he lives and works now. 

"There are a million different ways to live. And whatever works for you, works. Because so many of the places I went, were some of the poorer parts of the world. And I felt like I met more happy, like genuinely happy people than here. You know? Where it's such a wealthy country. And we have everything but it is never enough. So that's huge, and just a priceless lesson to have just hammered into you." - Tucker M. 

Tucker in his backyard in Portland, OR. 

"Anything that we can do that snaps us out of our routine and kind of wakes us up. And puts us in the moment is important. There was just never a moment on those trips where I was like 'gah, I guess I will wander over to my computer and look at some emails...' It was like, 'how am I gonna eat today? And who am I gonna run into?'" - Tucker M.