Corbin and George, Portland, OR. 2016

Corbin and George live in a trailer in Portland, OR. Both being from Bainbridge Island, WA they never met each other until both of their best friends got married. You can listen below to part of their story about how they met. 

Corbin and George in front of their trailer in Portland, OR

“Coming from Bainbridge Island I see a lot of people that Quote un Quote “have their shit together”. They have those trappings of material wealth and stability and I know enough to know that that doesn't necessarily equate to quality of life.” - Corbin L. 

George told me a little about an old job she had:

“I was hired to be a store development manager, initially, after managing one of their stores. Which meant that I was kind of the go between, between architects and contractors and the owner. So any feedback the owner had that he wanted his stores to look like I was responsible for not only informing the architect but for making sure that it happened on site. So kind of being a construction manager as well. Which is funny for a person who literally has no experience with construction, especially as a woman, to go on site, where there are a bunch of brisally dudes doing stuff. And I'm like ‘what are you doing?’ and they are like ‘doing this stuff, what do you want?’. And I'm like, 'well I'm here to tell you how to do it'. And there response was often ‘well fuck off!’. It was very intimidating.” - George H.