Hank, Portland, OR. 2016

Hank Roberts talked with me in what he called my "flying magical machine" in Portland, OR. We were outside of Flora Recording and Playback where he also was recording with my father Bill Frisell. 

Hank outside of the recording studio in Portland, OR. 

Hank has known me for most of my life, so I asked him about what he would say to his younger self, or to someone my age. As he drummed on the RV table, he told me a little bit about how to keep going, keep creating and keep being. 

   "If I could go back 30 years, I would have a lot less angst. I think that the sense of myself and my personality would be much broader. As a musician and as a father. I think I would have little broader sensibility...
   I wouldn't worry if I wasn't a great musician. I wouldn't worry about the need to be great... As much as I would focus more on what I like to do and what really made me happy… I would be more in search of that. Rather than dealing with this sort of work ethic thing. And trying to build myself up by being, in quotation marks, "successful", as apposed to finding a way for my self esteem to be higher! 
   I wasn't really focused on the money so much. But it was something I worried about a lot I think… because it was difficult for me to get, and difficult to deal with. So I think, again, just going to that place of doing what you love to do and continuing to build on that. And keeping your radar up, for what really stimulates you and pushes your buttons, is a healthier way to be." - Hank R.