Jacob, Portland, OR. 2016

I met up with Jacob in Portland, OR. Being a recent graduate, he had been thinking a lot about what to do next and the idea of getting older. 

Jake, in a park in Portland, OR. 

"I started reading about the etymology of the word 'ennui' and I feel that's really what growing up must be. 'Ennui' was a term that was coined by the French. It was right after the revolution, and there were all these young people being like, 'everything is going to be cool and different and so much has changed.' And then post revolution realizing nothing is different and not being very satisfied... And it became in vogue to have it. All these young people would have 'ennui' and it was a way to distinguish yourself from the bourgeois. And you would do a lot of sighing and being dissatisfied in general.
I feel like that's what growing up must be. There is just a lot of sighing and disillusionment... The realization that everyone promised these things, but you realize, this isn't really that different... And you Sigh. Ennui." - Jacob H.