William, Portland, OR. 2016

"I'm 42 years old I'm probably going to be alive for a significantly longer period of time. So what am I going to do for the next 30/40 years? I don't want to do dishes or whatever. I want to do something that is genuinely interesting to me. Stability lets me do that.  I can't do that just with a backpack and a couple of philosophy books, hopping trains and stuff. I can, but I cant." - William S. 

I met with William in Portland, OR. He just moved from Olympia where he had finished his BA degree at The Evergreen State College. He told me about how his perspective has shifted over the years. He spent much of his youth hopping trains and traveling around the United States, working random jobs and living wherever he found himself.

"I guess lately I have been thinking about transitioning to being an Adult... At a very late age. Because I never really did. You know when I was younger, I left home when I was 16. I lived on the streets and hopped trains. And just did all sorts of shit. So there was no real planning for getting old. It wasn't something anybody considered. And now I am slowly starting to do that. And it's interesting because I find that the habits that I have developed around being sort of a floating anarchist weirdo, don't make it really easy to just be a work a day person. Like this job! I would rather be poor than work for these assholes. So thats becoming a real thing. But I also don't have the skills to try to get like a “college people job”. All I know how to apply for is kitchen jobs and labor and shit like that. I don't know how to paint myself up to make that shift... And that has been weirding me out lately."

Sean in the RV in Portland, OR

"One of the best things [travel] did for me, is perspective. I have lived with literally nothing. Holes in my shoes, living under a bridge eating out of the dumpsters. No money ever. So now, its like, hardships don't seem that bad. Like “oh I gotta come up with rent this month” seems just not that big of a deal. I'm also better with money. I am not running up mad credit card debt, because I know how to live with out it. I have learned how to do that. And… Also just being older and more relaxed. I still stress the fuck out, but i just have a different perspective." - William S.