Jenny, Portland, OR. 2016

I caught up with Jenny Scheinman, while she was recording with my father, Bill Frisell, at Flora Recording and Playback in Portland, OR. She had lost her uncle Victor Scheinman about a week before and this is what she told me about him and her experience after losing him. 

"Victor Scheinman, was called the father of the modern robot. He was a famous engineer... He invented one of the first arms that moved and could work in factories and stuff.  He was a consultant for Stanford and did a lot of amazing stuff in that world. But he was also, totally and equally fascinated with really small mechanical things. Like lawn mowers and printers, copiers and thermostats. He was always sticking them together; like what do you get when you cross a thermostat with a lawn mower.
"So he died on Tuesday, and I was on stage when he died... in Knoxville, TN. But I got off stage, and I heard a message from my mother saying that Victor had died. He died in the car with my dad and they had just spent about 3 days together... They had driven from San Francisco to Petrolia, leisurely... Which is a rare thing, for either my dad or my uncle to do anything leisurely." 

Jenny in the RV outside of Flore Recording and Playback in Portland, OR. 

The night of her uncles death, Jenny was staying at her friends house in Knoxville. That night she found herself sleep walking, something she had not done in years. In her dream she was working on a puzzle, which was made up of two rings that were made up of light and different sizes. She worked all night trying to make the smaller ring fit into the larger ring. 

"But I had made a prayer before I went to sleep. I wanted to be visited by Victor, like 'Come please!'. I heard this sometimes happens, it has never happened to me, but come on, be a ghost and come to Knoxville and visit me! At least that's what it sort of felt like. At least it was sort of my puzzling out of his relationship with my dad. You know the older brother and the younger brother, these two sized rings. And also this mechanical puzzle, was sort of him. And the cyclic nature of life and new generations coming along, and my kids, also an older and a younger sibling. And it was a really beautiful dream, that when I awoke in the morning was still in my head. It felt like a continuing feeling of curiosity that he kind of left me with." - Jenny S.