Ballentine, Olympia, WA. 2016

Ballentine grew up in Las Vegas, NV. She now works as an activist in Olympia, WA.

"I think my first [march], was the 2003 protest against the Iraq war on the strip. And seeing how that went, and feeling kind of powerless about it... It was the largest sign carrying protest in world history, and it didn't do shit to stop that war."

"I think every time anything happens, in the immediate it can be tragic, but in the long term, it serves to inspire and motivate people. If for nothing else, when I started doing this, I felt not only alone in my personal life but I felt alone in activism. I didn't see a whole lot of other people doing it. And now, when you look out, its happening all the time. I guess my point is that there are more people doing shit now then there were in 2000. I can run into a protest that I didn't even know anything about, and in the old days it was sort of like, one a year." - Ballentine P.

Ballentine, in her room in Olympia, WA

Ballentine in her back yard in Olympia, WA

"When it comes to love and loss, I recently decided that I would avoid, as best as possible, falling in love again. Because I am easily overwhelmed, and I feel that it's too dangerous to put all my eggs in one basket anymore. I very much want love, but I don't want any of that to happen again. I have been in love before, and whats really sad... When I have fallen in love... And it has ended... It wasn't ever their choice." -Ballentine P.