Dave, Auburn, WA. 2016

Dave lives in Auburn, WA where he works as a lead receiver in an auto body supply warehouse. "I get to take stuff off trucks and take them off the shelves, fix inventory problems, and sometimes tell the boss where to go. Sometimes he's angry about that. Sometimes, he says I'm right." 

   “I grew up in an abusive family. Which I have disowned, and have not seen in 30 years plus... and don't care. You know, the first one to knock on my door will be invited to leave... Because of that, I pretty much had to be on my own and figure my own life out, since I wasn't gonna do what my family was about... Not follow in their footsteps. If they go right, I go left, if they go up, I go down. Anything they are doing, I am assuming they are wrong to start with. And I can fix that assumption later if I am incorrect. 
   At one point, and not surprising considering what I grew up in, I considered suicide when I was younger... And the light bulb was realizing, these people aren't worth it. And ever since then, I basically have been self driven, rather than other driven. I wont go with the crowd to just go with a crowd... I'm just not into doing what the crowd is doing. I am singular." - Dave T. 
"I'm not particularly afraid of anything in my past that I have done... Stupid shit that I have done, I have learned from. You know, everybody has done stupid shit... And it is not important as long as you have learned from it. So basically, I do not hide my past, I do not care. People are stupid, including me, and you learn from experience more than anything." - Dave T.