Kat and Melville, Olympia, WA. 2016

Kat and Melville live in Olympia, WA in their tiny home which was built by Zil Vardos and is named "The Music Box".

   "I don't believe anybody should have to spend their existence working it away. Especially when you get a shock when your young, saying 'Hey! Yeah, your days are numbered!'. You are reminded by having your mortality brought right to your face. And you realize, yeah, some things aren't that important. Really. If you get the bills you are paying down, and get your responsibilities down. And keep them down
   Seriously. It doesn't matter what I am doing. I would rather just be sitting here with her. Even if we aren't talking. Just watching the stupid cat take a bath. I would rather do that, than working in the office making a ton of money. It's worth more to just be sitting in my house looking at my trees... It's just worth more.
   So all of that, the feeling of possibility with her from the beginning. The talking about this escapist mentality that she and I have always had, wanting to feel like we are on vacation together. That all lead to this life." - Melville P.